Bibliotheca Veneficae-The Victorian Library


Bibliotheca Veneficae comes from the mind of Vivienne Branson, aiming to reimagine a Victorian library reminiscent of those found in dedicated Victorian homes, steeped in stories, legends, and truths of times past. It mirrors the essence of a vintage library where its colors remind of the fragrances of vanilla, cedarwood, rose, and patchouli. Each visit invites you to make yourself at home, settle in with comfort, and enjoy a cup of tea while delving into Gothic tales or exploring the books of great authors who, in various ways, have played a role in shaping our evolution.


Vivienne spent her childhood in Italy, surrounded by delicious food, art, and music. When she was not visiting medieval castles, she enjoyed writing in her personal diary and to correspond with pen-pals. As a voracious reader, she grew up devouring Agatha Christie and Victorian Gothic classics.

She has been an animal lover ever since she can remember, and she contributes to the rescue of farm animals and the preservation of wildlife both locally and globally.

Vivienne is a Christian mystic, member of the Rosicrucian Order. The Bible and the Rosicrucian teachings are a source of great inspiration for her writing. She created a space for the mystic by founding Bibliotheca Veneficae Literary Parlor, a Victorian-themed library, book club, and bookstore.

Vivienne is the author of Athanasia: A Gothic Short Story. BUY HER BOOK HERE

She lives in Pennsylvania with her kids and her pets.

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I will do anything I can to always be with you. If it means to live a condemned existence, I shall do it. If it means to go to the infernos, bring me in. If it means suffering, I shall accept it. As long as I see your eyes sparking my days, I shall be blissful.
Vivienne Branson “Athanasia”

She was born for this.

I am very pleased with the professionalism and skill that Vivienne puts into her work, which she does as if it were a mission. I sincerely think she was born for this.

Lara Staffa

Spell Casting Service Client