Numerology and the Divine Triangle.


A couple of years ago, I bought a book on Numerology titled Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane. This book was a great revelation to me, because despite I already had a basic background in numerology, I didn’t know anything about the Divine Triangle, which is based on the Life Theorem of Pythagoras. Faith Javane openly says in her book that she received this information from a teacher back in 1938, who gained this knowledge on an astral plane from a teacher who believed to be the reincarnation of Pythagoras. It’s also been said that Pythagoras taught this to his disciples, and the information found in this book will not be found anywhere else.

What is the Divine Triangle?

As I said, this information comes from Pythagorean principles. The Divine Triangle is built around the right triangle and it includes three squares that represent Youth, Power, and Wisdom. Each square encloses 27 years of a person’s life-cycle and doing specific calculations taken from our birth year and first name, we can draw a blueprint, a life map in which we can see not only some important events of our past and present life but also important events that might happen in our future.

The Divine Triangle

It assumes that life progresses in predictable cycles. That we go through a 9-year life cycle, which means that every 9 years we or someone in our family, like our children, can experience similar events. I could not agree more with these principles as I see myself in my life and my family’s the patterns that characterize our life cycles. The Divine Triangle is like a signature and the great thing about it is that we can change it. We have a great tool here and once we know how to use it, we can work on developing and improving our self-awareness and by doing so, we will break negative patterns and focus on our mission in life and improve or simply change old patterns that don’t serve us anymore.

Pythagorean numerology table
Pythagorean numerology table

Life Numbers

The life numbers I’m going to list here are the Soul, the Outer Personality, the Destiny and the Life Lesson numbers. There are more numbers to consider, but it’s a lot to absorb and you can find everything in the book and read it at your own pace.

Numerology Calculator.

  • The Soul Number (Heart’s Desire) is what you already are and is calculated by summing the vowels of your entire name. Consider that every letter corresponds to a number.
  • The Outer Personality Number is how others see you and is calculated by summing the consonants of your entire name.
  • Your Destiny Number is calculated by summing the Outer Personality and Soul numbers and it represents what you must do.
  • Your Life Lesson Number is calculated by summing the digits of your date of birth and represents what you must learn.

If for any reason you change the name, you want to consider your new name as well. I would create two blueprints: the first one with the old name and the second one with the new name. I offer a numerology reading using this method. You can get yours here!

As a final thought, I want to say that this book is a must-have if you’re passionate about Numerology. Furthermore, if you want to apply Numerology seriously in your life for improvements, you want to consider buying it. This is a book that I regularly consult and it never gets old. The wise teachings enclosed in this book make it a precious gem to hold tight to your heart.

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