Welcome to my Blog – Literary Parlor

Welcome to my Blog – Literary Parlor. This is a place for conversations about but not limited to the Romantic movement and the Victorian era. I will be sharing with you my thoughts about works, facts, and authors in the history of literature and I invite you to subscribe to my “Gloomy Room” newsletter where once a week, I will be delivering stories written by the author of the month belonged to those gloomy yet elated times.

I would like you to participate and share your thoughts with me too. So, have a cup of tea while reading, and if you wish, listen to the music played in my parlor. 😉


Vivienne, the Librarian Witch

“The aim of the poet is to inform or delight, or to combine together, in what he says, both pleasure and applicability to life. In instructing, be brief in what you say in order that your readers may grasp it quickly and retain it faithfully. Superfluous words simply spill out when the mind is already full. Fiction invented in order to please should remain close to reality.”

― Horace, Epistolas Ad Pisones De Ars Poetica

“Grotesque Fantasia” by Myuu is licensed under a  Creative Commons License.