Fonthill Castle Doylestown PA

Fonthill Castle

“Round that Corner” by Myuu under a CC license.

Gloomy Gallery #2

“The Eclectic Castle” by Vivienne Branson.

The Eclectic Castle is a collection of photos that I took in Fonthill Castle Doylestown PA.

Fonthill Castle Doylestown PA is one of the most unusual, intriguing, and historical buildings I have ever visited. The blended gothic, byzantine, and medieval-style let the observer fantasize on the mind behind the creation of this castle. Henry Chapman Mercer was born in Pennsylvania back in 1856. After studying Law, he found his true interests and passions for ceramics, travels and books. 

Facts about Fonthill Castle and Henry Chapman Mercer:

Mercer spoke 5 languages. 

His concrete castle was built between 1908 and 1912. 

There are 44 rooms, 18 fireplaces, 200 windows, and 1 crypt. 

The many concrete built-in bookcases hold 6,000 books.

Mercer was an animal rights activist.

Born close to the Summer Solstice. 

He was very attentive to the details. The guest rooms face west, so the light coming from the sunrise didn’t bother his guests. 

The castle is full of symbols, historical facts, and items. 

You can see illustrations of one of his favorite fairytales (Bluebeard) narrated through mosaic tassels in a guest room. 

He loved detective and gothic stories. Edgar Allan Poe was one of his favorite writers.

The furniture is all concrete, from the desks to the dressers, to a cupboard for 66 keys. 

He’s the writer of November Night Tales.

In conclusion, I like the works of this self-taught man. And I feel that there’s so much more about him that he didn’t want to share with the public. He burnt his private papers before dying, and he didn’t leave anything to the case. What you know about him is what he wanted you to know, nothing more nothing less.