Numerology Reading (Numerology and The Divine Triangle)




Pythagoras is the father of esoteric numerology. He understood that numbers carry a spiritual meaning; they carry a vibration. You are endowed at birth with your 4 personal numbers. Each number represents different aspects of life. Providing me with your full name (first, middle and last name) and birthday (MM/DD/YYYY), I can generate a report of your personal numbers and send it to your email address. Please email me your information at:

The 4 Personal Numbers are:

Life Lesson Number: it represents the lessons to learn and the choices related to a career.

The Soul Number: this is your true you, your inner you, the one you desire to be. This also represents your past lives.

The Outer Personality Number: it represents how other people see you.

The Path of Destiny Number: this represents who you should become, your aim in life, your purpose.




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