Welcome to My Library

I welcome you to my Bibliotheca Veneficae Literary Parlor, a unique bookstore and library where books whisper to you the truths behind our Universe and our Existence.

Bibliotheca Veneficae Literary Parlor LLC

Vivienne, the Librarian WITCH

My name is Vivienne and I’m the librarian witch behind Bibliotheca Veneficae Literary Parlor. I live in the forest raising my children surrounded by my 12 cats, 2 bunnies, 16 snakes, 3 turtles, 1 macaw and circa 100 plants! Spending time reading, learning and caring for my children, pets and plants is what I love most. I have a visceral love for Nature and anything that is historical and has a story to tell. As a matter of fact, I’m on the quest to visiting quaint towns and castles in historic Pennsylvania. After spending many years in Italy I can assure you that walls whisper, to those who can listen, the times long gone.

Gandalf and Vivienne

Origin and Purpose behind Bibliotheca Veneficae

Bibliotheca Veneficae comes from Latin and means The Witch’s Library. The purpose behind it originates from the intent of recreating a virtual library, the one you would find in a dedicated house infused with Victorian and older stories, legends, and truths. A library that smells of vanilla, cedarwood, rose, and patchouli. Every time you come here, I want you to feel at home, in the comfort of my library, sitting and sipping a cup of tea while reading of gothic stories or reading of women and men who in a way or another have contributed to our evolution.


The Book Shoppe

I also invite you to explore the book shoppe. As a lifelong learner, I’ve always found myself learning and at times practicing the less known paths. A variety of books awaits for you. I hope you will use my shoppe and library as a tool for both your light and shadow works. And… don’t forget to visit the candle and herb shoppe as well. For sale many ritual kits, spell candles, and magical herbs for your Magick practice!


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The Wilted Rose Book Club

Enjoy your reading and thank you for being here.


Vivienne, the Librarian Witch.